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Just how to Freeze Dry Food

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The process of freeze drying is otherwise called lyophilization, cryodesiccation or lyophilisation. It's a procedure of dehydration that's usually found in the preservation of products that are perishable, since it makes it far more transportable. How it works is through the freezing of the item, and then there is a reduced amount of the pressure that surrounds it. What this does would be to cause the water that's become frozen to maneuver from its solid state to the stage where it becomes gas. What it is basically could be the removing of the water that's present in food such that it may be eaten and/or transported in its frozen, dry state.

This freeze-dried process was commercially developed at some point in World War II. It absolutely was utilized as a preservation of penicillin along with blood plasma. A machine known as a freeze-dryer is found in the process. There's a large cavity where the freezing of the product is done, in addition to a machine pump that's used to get rid of the water/moisture form the product. Following this is completed, then there's the application of heat that serves to accelerate the sublimation process. There is then condensation, ผลไม้ฟรีซดราย wherein the vaporized solvent is taken off the chamber of the vacuum with the conversion of the solvent to a solid state. When this is completed, the separation of the water/moisture from the item has been completed.

Because the 1960s there have been more than four hundred finds of freeze-dried foods which have produced on a commercial level. Some products; such as coffee are very suitable for this process, but other products such as for instance water melons and lettuce for their high water content are not very good items for the freeze-drying process.

Mountain House is a manufacturer of a number of freeze-dried products. They have been in operation for a lot more than fourth years. They have products such as for example eggs, beef stew, and rice pilaf. They specialize in fresh products, and therefore, their supply is restocked within just 4 months each time.

Mountain House 10 cans are airtight cans which have contain freeze-dried foods that can stay the longest on the shelf. They coat both the within in addition to the outside of their cans with protective enamel that offers it doubly the protection it needs. Their canning process utilizes both nitrogen flushing and vacuum oxygen; comparable to the standards that's occur the army.


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