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3 Ways to Deal With a Popcorn Ceiling

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Today, popcorn ceiling treatment is an selection for homeowners concerned with the current presence of asbestos. Asbestos is linked to diseases and is found in many of the forms of 1970's structure called cottage cheese or popcorn ceiling. The procedure resembles the name; small, occasionally directed, pockets create the ceiling where the therapy was done.

In 500 Simple House Fix Alternatives by Norman Becker many tips are offered for homeowners who could have questions in regards to the conditions and security of these ceilings. Mold, environmental contaminants and aged products are common concerns for anyone people that are addressed in that book. Studying such product maintains homeowners informed for the best decision-making possible.

Ceilings are of unique problem to Becker and his audience. In that text, the following ceiling conditions are discussed with alternative oriented useful language.

Water Areas on Roof

Leaky roofs are noted for creating water stains on usually pristine ceilings. Paint shops, home structure shops and others shops provide a variety of items for dealing with the annoying remnants of water damage. A stain preventing primer can be put on the surface of a water spot. When it is dry, the homeowner is inspired to paint the ceiling.

Roof Spots

Specific locations on the ceiling are made of mold. Becker calms concerned homeowners by suggesting a solution of bleach and water. The cost-effective remedy can eliminate airborne pollutants with very little popcorn ceiling removal. Becker warns that the end result may take some aftercare; if a brown stain emerges, he states, make sure to protect it with primer sealer in place of paint. With paint, the stain can bleed through and with sealer, the appearance of the ceiling can remain intact.

Asbestos in Roof

Becker promises homeowners that if asbestos is present in their ceiling, options exist. When asbestos materials are subjected to the air, or if you find injury to the ceiling, pollutants can be breathed by inhabitants. In these cases, Becker suggests popcorn ceiling removal. By calling an asbestos abatement organization or a organization that offers that company among others, the ceiling can be replaced without any potentially dangers "do-it-yourself" activities of the homeowner. Before that, an example is tested for the current presence of asbestos in a laboratory.

Popcorn or acoustic ceiling treatment is certainly one of multiple treatments homeowners might find necessary. As seen over, some of these options be taken on by the homeowners themselves. Keeping abreast of the new ways to treat home structure problems may possibly positively affect your quality of life and your budget.


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