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Evenly shaped and perfectly aligned teeth are one of the most significant factors of a dazzling and alluring smile. On the other hand, not all of us have this physical trait. Uneven and crooked teeth are just some of the common dental issues that most people have. Uneven and crooked teeth can be corrected by wearing dental braces. However, wearing dental braces can be cumbersome (not to mention unattractive). But with the advancement of today's technology, there's a new method in correcting crooked and uneven teeth. The new way is "Invisalign".
In Orange County, it is the newest and most advanced way of correcting crooked teeth as an alternative to braces Invisalign Los Angeles. So how does this type of dental procedure work? Instead of a metal jacket (that traditional dental braces use) Orange County Invisalign dentists use a series of removable aligners, of which, are based on the contour or imprint of the teeth, sometimes referred to as "clear braces." The number of Invisalign aligners that Los Angeles patients must wear to correct crooked teeth depends on the degree of the treatment.
Orange County dentists use Invisalign because it has numerous advantages against the traditional way of correcting misshaped teeth (which is the traditional dental braces). The most significant advantage of Invisalign, Orange County patients rave about is the invisible appearance. The traditional dental braces use metal jackets in correcting the teeth, of which can be quite unappealing and tedious in care. The aligners deemed invisible mainly because they are transparent. In addition to the advantages of Invisalign clear braces, the said dental aligners are removable. Which means the wearer can remove the aligners whenever they eat, drink, brush and/or floss their teeth, which cannot be done with the traditional dental braces.


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