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The Best Weighted Vests Of 2019

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There comes a point in every person’s physical state in the which normal body weight just doesn’t cut it anymore. A good indication is when you’ve been stuck in the same routine, doing the same number of reps over and over again.
Whether it’s running, doing doorway pull up calisthenics with pull up bars, or improving at cross-fit- weighted vests are an essential component. You just have to make sure you have to have the right one for you. We’ve spent 20+ hours researching and have hand-picked the best Weighted Vest of 2019.
We rated this best overall because of two big factors: Comfort and adjust-ability.
Nothing compares to having weighted clothing that both doesn’t jump up and down on you like an elementary backpack or cling to you like a boa-constrictor. The designers found a happy medium to maximize your capability to get a perfect fit.
Adjust-ability is awesome! You have custom straps to keep everything tight and you can pick your weight level. That means that the weights are removable for more strenuous sweat-extracting static holds.
We always recommend paying the up-front cost for the higher weight just to have the option to build up strength without having to buy a whole other best. It’s like putting on layers for cold weather; It doesn’t mean you are going to need all of them because you can take them off when you don’t need them… but if you do end up needing them, you sure are glad you have them.
The vest’s weight is distributed properly for your shoulders. Some people found they didn’t need the shoulder pads, but if your skin is sensitive to rashes, plan accordingly.
Ironically, due to the weight, we wouldn’t recommend RunMax Weight Vest for most long-distance-runners because overtime the vest’s weight will become discomforting and you may feel it start to loosen up on you.

What people are saying:

The ratings for this item are high, with over 400 personal thoughts. Most said it was good across the board for full-body workouts and calisthenics. “Training like a boss” was also commonly stated.  As we mentioned, some long-distance runners said that over time the weight vest became too bouncy.


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