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Why We Should Not Rush Into Root Canal Dental Treatment

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There is a tendency today for dentists to suggest root canal treatment whenever a patient has an infection in their teeth. In the US, more than twenty million root canals are performed annually, and this number is expected to rise year after year. What most people are not aware of is that in the majority of cases, this type of procedure is not necessary, and in fact it can even cause a multitude of health problems. Requesting an extraction in a severe case of infection would be a far safer alternative.

It is natural to believe everything that we are told by trained medical experts such as dentists, unfortunately, as most of us have no knowledge of dentistry, it is easy to be misled Root Canal Treatment In Summerlin. Our teeth are similar to other systems in our bodies in so much that to function correctly they require a blood supply, lymphatic drainage, and nervous innervation. A root canal completely kills off the tooth, and allows it to become a source of serious bacterial toxicity.
Consider the following point, if your liver or kidneys were to malfunction and die they would have to be removed so that necrosis and bacteria do not set in resulting eventually in death, so why is it that we are encouraged to leave dead teeth in the body. Every single tooth is connected to thousands of canals, within which are masses of nerves. When a dentist performs a root canal treatment, they destroy the nerve in the main canal, but leave the microscopic side canals untouched.

Anaerobic bacteria, which have no requirement for oxygen, are able to thrive in the still remaining side canals. They can continuously excrete toxicity from the digestion of dead tissue, which in turn leads to constant infection. As these canals are still connected to the body's lymphatic system and blood supply, infection can quickly spread to the rest of the body.

If you have already undergone root canal treatment, and have been suffering with a constant sore throat ever since, the treatment is likely to be the cause. It is also suggested that various autoimmune diseases and conditions of the bowel can also arise as a result of this procedure.

Even strong antibiotics are unable to help in such a situation as the bacteria are encased within the dead tooth. The next time you want to get rid of a toothache, it can be worth exploring options other than root canal treatment.


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