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Dentists see smiles all the time that aren't as perfect as they are often with a little bit of cosmetic dentistry. You may just be in need of a dental implant and a washing, or maybe it's an entire smile makeover. Whatever it's, it doesn't require higher than a simple consultation with your oral care professional, and you will be well on the road to sporting an attractive pair of teeth. Listed here are a number of the problems and treatments he or she may recommend to you.

Ridge Augmentation

Oral care professionals utilize this procedure if you have had a tooth removed. While the vacant spot heals and remains open Natural Dentistry Los Angeles, it creates an indentation and eventually erodes the jawbone creating an unnatural hollow. Ridge augmentation in cosmetic dentistry sculpts the natural line of your gums and jaws. Once the cosmetic procedure is complete, dentists can insert a dental implant to revive the natural look of one's smile.

Flap Surgery

In the event that you suffer with gum disease for a long period of time, your gums can recede away from tooth and form pockets of infection. In the event that you ignore this condition for a prolonged time frame, tartar forms on the enamel and roots, ultimately causing severe tooth decay. To fix this, cosmetic dentistry experts can do flap surgery where dentists take away the hardened calculus and sculpt the bone to minimize the pockets of infection. This enables the gums to tighten against one's teeth, keeping the roots of one's teeth free of decay.


If some of one's teeth are no longer pearly white, or they have a peculiar shape that does not match the remainder, dentists can work with a treatment called bonding to offer your smile a standard look. This is a thick liquid plastic-like substance that cosmetic dentistry experts'paint'onto the affected tooth. They wait for this material to harden. Then, they could sculpt it into the best shape. This procedure takes very little time and is effective at repairing cracked or chipped teeth.

Bleaching Or Teeth Whitening

Anyone who drinks lots of coffee, eats blueberries, or finds that age is beginning showing within their smile, will probably notice their teeth aren't as white as they once were. If you speak to your local dentist office however, you can choose from one of numerous different treatments to replace along with of the enamel back to its original color. Some in-office procedures involve coating the enamel with peroxide or bleaching agent and'curing'it with specialized UV lights. Others you can take home with you. Simply pour the substance in to a tailor made tray and a bite onto it for the prescribed number of time. Talk to your oral care professional to get the solution that best meets your needs.


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